A. Vetra


A. Vetra

i: ateliervetra

A. Vetra (A. / Atelier) is a project initiated by Giulia Ferraris.
It shapes concepts with a strong materic identity, blurring the line between art, product and textile design. Evoking the virtues of classical aesthetics, it celebrates the essence of craftsmanship through collaborations with various identities.

Portafiori Collection, Wicker and ceramic vases. Photos by N A O M I / J A M I E Studio

“ I am drawn to a nostalgic feeling about classical aesthetics and narrative; a special place where lies a tension between a modern way of conveying those stylistic elements and a timeless scenario. ”

Each object’s worth lies in the process itself.
Their imperfect nature and classical values narrate a unique story, where textures, surfaces, shapes and chromatic shades engage in a timeless conversation.

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