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Shelter is a multi-disciplinary and highly reliable organization based in Retie, Belgium, that creates living spaces. Being a young dynamic firm has the ambitious goal to bring innovation into a traditional market through a no-nonsense approach and transparent way of working.

In Shelter’s new identity a clean aesthetic and a strong sensibility for details become the ingredients of a solid and consistent yet sophisticated communication.
The stationery set is a combination of fine details, texture and surfaces to transmit roughness and an elegant look at the same time. Lined paper next to a recycled one, black typography intervaled by silver accent, rough grey cardboard glued on classy linen binding, Serif and Sans Serif fonts alternating in a balanced composition. The color palette is based on light tones of warm grey and off-white combined with silver and a hint of beige.

The whole identity is composed by stationery, A3 presentation format, notebook, website and street promotional banner. * online soon

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